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Thank you everyone for your support, love and …

Thank you everyone for your support, love and light;
for the reblogs, for the comments, for the inspiration, for the hearts and hugs;
for the shared moments of joy, sadness, incredulity, and hopefulness.
Keep on shining!

lzlabseesu:Waiting till the noise of growingfi…


till the noise of growing
fills a garden

Voice of a friend
is always   already
a garden verdant 

So many hearts, so many comments, so many rebl…

So many hearts, so many comments, so many reblogs…

This is very much long overdue, and I only have some lame excuses for it. But better later than never, right?

I’d like to dedicate this post for conveying my deepest appreciation for everyone who follows my blog of garden woes and wonders, poetry with some bits of meaningful insights every now and then. I truly marvel at how many of you are still hanging on even if my posts have become much more sporadic since this summer. I want to thank you most sincerely. You are all very special to me! You have all come so far! 


I also want to highlight the curators of wonderful blogs, especially those usual suspects, who keep on reblogging and giving forward the good that is found here on Tumblr. This is not to take away from the casual rebloggers. I am touched by your work. You are all so special, you have made us all come so far! 


The creative energy, outcome and potential here on Tumblr is staggering. All those creators of original content, whether sharing your first poems, drawings, photos or other work, or those more established ones, you all inspire me, give me new ideas, keep me centred on that creative flow. You make me want to put my work out there, too. Your specialty finds an expression in the sharing. You have helped us and will help us all to come so far! 


Thank you all for the hearts, the hugs, the laughs, comments and chats! Here is all that right back at you! Mwua, mwua!  We have all come so far! 💕

Wishing you a wonderful time ahead!

All my love,


lamata-art: gingko for @solbacka Thank you and…


gingko for @solbacka

Thank you and best wishes 🙂

Such a gift to find !

a painting by friend, distant
but physically

Your kindness is like
a hand raised in greeting like

gingko leaves in wind
You have made present

that transient memory —
sunning among them

I have been blessed by dear friend @lamata-art, and their stunning gift. I hope you accept my thank you in the way of this impromptu triple haiku. Wishing you a wondrous new week!



Weekly Top 10 Writers

Writers Creed has complied yet another list of 10 wonderful writers (in no particular order) whose works have wowed us this week. Do take a look and check them out if you don’t already follow them! Great job everyone and as always, keep writing! ❤











Wow, thank you so much for this unexpected pleasure @writerscreed! I’m honoured, and doing my happy dance. 😀 Keep up the amazing job of making writers more widely known! *hugs*

I am bewildered the strands of your hair are n…

I am bewildered
the strands of your hair are not

cutting my excitable skin

July is out and we’re well into August. I feel I have been in a slumber for the most part of the last month. It is not that easy for me to settle down to the slothful days of summer heat and healing. Yep, healing. I broke my arm (fractured bone) about a week into my holidays. Five weeks of cast and sickleave, and I am sick of it. The cast makes it a tad harder for me to write on the keyboard, which is partly why I haven’t been so active here.

That’s why, the garden has mostly had to fend for itself. I only water the clematis and magnolias… the accumulation of losses of perennials is bad. The heatwave might break this weekend. It would be a nice break. So strange these years. Last summer was no-summer, we had one day above 25°C. Now we have had about a month of those, if not more, and lots of above 30°C days. And as usual, no rain to write home about — this archipelago is scorched in July. But we’re all in the same boat it seems. Extreme weather everywhere. At least we can commiserate, and try to do something about the climate change! 

More than ever, I feel that focusing my studies on the green space design and management, and especially on the storm water runoff management with and within the said green spaces, has been a right choice. This should spur me on to actually writing that BASC thesis this autumn!

It has been so lovely to see all the usual suspects keeping me company. You know who you are – thank you ever so much! Lots of love your way! 


I want to thank also the wonderful curators, the hearts pumping the currents of this site. The rebloggers, you are so important too! Love your way! 


All the followers, all the heart donors… you make my day! Loads of 

💕 your way!

Wishing you all light and positive energies to fill your days in August, the month of Harvest Moon.


💕, as always,


lzlabseesu: solbacka: Suite: Solbacka Blue Eye…



Suite: Solbacka Blue Eyes

Like a lavender hush in the dark
I followed your whisper

Perfect, Lauren @lzlabseesu! Thank you so much for this hijackery! Love it! xo xo xo

“July is dressed up and playing her tune&helli…

“July is dressed up and playing her tune…”

Tonight it really rains for the first time this season. I feels wonderful! Almost like a weight of desert had been lifted off my shoulders. Maybe something of the garden is salvageable besides the clematis that I’ve been watering religiously. Above, two plants I’ve grown from seeds, a Clematis flammula (white) and an open pollinated seedling from C. INSPIRATION ‘Zoin’. These starry whites really give a great contrast to everything else – almost like baby’s breath in the bouquets. 

Yearly attempts at crossing clematis with each other have begun again. I hope you will keep your fingers crossed that I’ll get at least a few seeds to play with during the long winter. Even just a dream of new beautiful plants keeps me going a long way. I hope I’ll be able to share a few new ones this month with you. They should start flowering for the first or second time ever. 🙂

The work load has been heavy but a wee bit more manageable since the official opening of the adventure golf at the end of May. Big decisions to be made now about the continuation as the deputy manager, who and how, perhaps me, but in which way? I hope tomorrow’s discussions will bring us a step closer to a resolution to those questions. It would allow me to go on holidays (in just a couple days now!) with a resemblance of peace of mind. 🙂

As always, you guys have been wonderful – supportive and friendly. You people make this venture into social media worth the while! Thank you to the usual, quite deliciously unusual suspects with fingers on their hearts, pushing those buttons. You are the bestest! 


Welcome to the new followers. Hope you enjoy this plant craziness, these ditties and poetic postillas. 


From the creators, I get positive energies and inspiration to create things for sharing with you. Thank you! You are the bestest! 


The rebloggers and ever-working, most generous curators – you knit us all in a network that can have a real impact on lives. Thank you! You are the bestest! 


Wishing you all the best July ever! 


All my 



June is here, and the season is 2-3 weeks earl…

June is here, and the season is 2-3 weeks early where it was some weeks late a month ago. We have had but the sun, and heatwave for half of that time. Quite windy too at times.

One month without rain, and the garden is crisping up. If we don’t get some rain soon, you will get pics of dead and desiccated plants. I feel helpless – the water in my well is not enough for the whole garden… and I have no time to water it all. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!


On a much more positive note, a week ago on Friday the 25th, the adventure golf I had the largest part in designing and building was officially opened. We had a short ceremony, I too, gave a speech, and we unveiled my landartwork, the sea dragon. It was the best thing to hear the positively surprised sounds from the audience when we did that.


If interested, you can take a look at Adventure golf’s own FB pages (that I have nothing to do with).

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who follows me here. You are all so appreciated! The usual suspects are just amazingly tenacious at keeping me company daily. Love you all for it! And I whole-heartedly welcome all the new followers too – hope you’ll enjoy this company! 



I keep learning so much from the inspirational creators of original content here, be it photographers, poets, designers, painters, musicians, fandoms, what have you. The amount of new work every day is staggering! You are all so amazing! Thank you for your work that pushes me to find new angles to mine! 



We sometimes overlook the curators but it is throught their efforts that newcomers and casual browsers can find our work. It takes a lot of time and effort trying to find and sort the posts for their blogs. Your work is essential, my heart-felt thank yous to you! 


It is so fun to receive comments on my posts. I get great pleasure from those and exchanging a few lines with their writers. Thank you so much for them, they make my day! And thank you for all the hearts you have showered upon me this past month, everyone! Thank you so much! 


Wishing you all the bestest June with great positive energies and beauty to your everyday life.

All my 💕 right back at you,


May danced in, and sooncuckoo will burst the f…

May danced in, and soon
cuckoo will burst the forest
door wide to summer

Gosh, what a run it has been till now. The poor garden has had to suffer neglect once again. I have managed only a few moments in there, chopping down the dry stems of perennials and clematis, pruning some trees and shrubs. But hopefully that will change now! I’m sort of lucky since the weather has been cold and the spring is late, so I might catch the train to summer just in time.

The work plus school has been a deadly combination this spring. Way too much on my plate. But I just handed in the school project this past Friday, so yay! That is done now — the school’s out for summer! (cue Alice Cooper here if you like 😉 haha). I have “just” the final project to do in the autumn, the BAS “thesis”, or what you might call it.

And hopefully there will be more colour on my blog from now on for you lovely people to clap your eyes on! I’m still quite amazed at having 3000 (and growing) people follow my rambles and brambles. You are all special to me! Welcome to all the new followers! Hope you enjoy it here. 🙂 


It is time again to take a deep bow and give my thanks to the ever imaginative creators, to the great curators and the fab rebloggers here!  Keep up the great work that you all are doing for this community! 💕

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment or a heart at my posts. I so appreciate each and every of them all! 


Wishing you all a May full of superb beauty and positive, creative energies, sunshine and strength to your days, peace and quiet to your nights!

All my 💕 to you all,