What makes life especially beautiful, magical,…

What makes life especially beautiful, magical, and exciting is its very unpredictability. It’s as if we’ve decided to take a trip to somewhere new – all of our bags are carefully packed, our destination is set, and yet whatever may happen to us, good or bad, is still undecided and unknown. When life becomes overly ordered, structured, our routine, that is when the magic begins to slip away. Even though, in reality, we are surrounded by every day miracles – the earth spinning on it axis, sunrises and sunsets, eclipses, stars, oceans, trees, the very air we breathe, the startling beauty of looking deeply into a loved one’s eyes – and yet all of it going unnoticed if we insist on sleepwalking our way through life. We can choose to embrace the spiraling arms of chaos and order, or we can choose to numb ourselves to it entirely. I choose the roller coaster ride, hair whipping in the wind, screams of terror and delight filling the air as we plunge into another day of this beautiful and great unknown.
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