I am bewildered the strands of your hair are n…

I am bewildered
the strands of your hair are not

cutting my excitable skin

July is out and we’re well into August. I feel I have been in a slumber for the most part of the last month. It is not that easy for me to settle down to the slothful days of summer heat and healing. Yep, healing. I broke my arm (fractured bone) about a week into my holidays. Five weeks of cast and sickleave, and I am sick of it. The cast makes it a tad harder for me to write on the keyboard, which is partly why I haven’t been so active here.

That’s why, the garden has mostly had to fend for itself. I only water the clematis and magnolias… the accumulation of losses of perennials is bad. The heatwave might break this weekend. It would be a nice break. So strange these years. Last summer was no-summer, we had one day above 25°C. Now we have had about a month of those, if not more, and lots of above 30°C days. And as usual, no rain to write home about — this archipelago is scorched in July. But we’re all in the same boat it seems. Extreme weather everywhere. At least we can commiserate, and try to do something about the climate change! 

More than ever, I feel that focusing my studies on the green space design and management, and especially on the storm water runoff management with and within the said green spaces, has been a right choice. This should spur me on to actually writing that BASC thesis this autumn!

It has been so lovely to see all the usual suspects keeping me company. You know who you are – thank you ever so much! Lots of love your way! 


I want to thank also the wonderful curators, the hearts pumping the currents of this site. The rebloggers, you are so important too! Love your way! 


All the followers, all the heart donors… you make my day! Loads of 

💕 your way!

Wishing you all light and positive energies to fill your days in August, the month of Harvest Moon.


💕, as always,